Friday, April 29, 2011

Jess & Nicolas Meyer

In the newly renovated and renamed Duthie Gallery...

new stunning original studio furniture:

The eSk Desk

By Jess & Nicolas Meyer of Nico Spacecraft.

Esk Desk
71.25" x 27.5" x 29.5"h
solid poplar, glass

Nico Spacecraft is a small progressive 'Design & Build' studio in Roberts Creek, focused on pairing handcrafted durability & detail with fresh design.

Jess and Nicolas Meyer are professional designers and Swiss-trained craftspeople who manifest their passion and expertise for design in the context of studio furniture, architecture and sculpture. The story of the eSk desk is the collaboration between Jess and Nicolas Meyer and between traditional and non-traditional craftsmanship.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Duthie Gallery

Welcome to our now officially newly renamed gallery DUTHIE GALLERY and to our new eponymous blog:

Much of what we have exhibited in our former designation, Salt Spring Woodworks, we continue to show; our focus is on landscape art, studio furniture, sculpture and fine art by many talented artists throughout the North West.

T-cups by Brent Comber

We represent Michael Dennis, Brent Comber, Judson Beaumont, Peter Pierobon, Kurt Dexel, Christian Woo, Arnt Arntzen, Enrico Konig, Paul Tellier, Ken Guenter, Jeff Trigg, Francis Lemieux, Michael Moore, Seth Rolland, Ben Burnett, Darren Bertuccio, David Greig, Wes Giesbrecht, Richard Tetrault, and Kurt Frost in a constantly changing and growing roster of designers and artists.

Stone Pillar by Ron Crawford

The Duthie Gallery will launch the spring/summer season with a May show of new stonework by Ron Crawford.

Summer Lights will light up again in July with illuminated installations by Peter Pierobon, Brent Comber, Ken Guenter and Judson Beaumont. The NIGHT GALLERY will be open from 9 pm to 11pm Thursday to Monday night July and August.

Plumb by Peter Pierobon

Here is the link for previous posts under the old name Salt Spring Woodworks.